2017 Baby Miss Reunion Court

Baby Miss Reunion 2017

 Photogenic Queen - Phoenyx Yates, daughter of Myranda and Larry Yates of Hickory 

2nd Runner Up - Emerie Payne, daughter of Megan and Evan Payne of Conover 

1st Runner Up - Karigan Mortez, daughter of Marie and Kyle Moretz of Hickory 

Baby Miss Reunion 2017 - Isabella Hoke, daughter of Brittany and Matt Hoke of Claremont 


2017 Junior Miss Reunion Court

2017 Tiny Miss Reunion Court

2017 Little Miss Reunion Court

2017 Miss Reunion Court

Photogenic Queen - no one competed for this title in 2017

2nd Runner Up - Bethany Ingle, daughter of Karen and Randy Ingle of Claremont 

1st Runner UP - Taylor Wright, daughter of Diane and Tony Wright of Conover 

Miss Reunion 2017 - Jana Sales, daughter of Jamie and Randy Sales of Claremont 

Photogenic Queen  - Brianna Hefner, daughter of Tina and Brian Hefner of Conover 

2nd Runner Up - Katie Setzer, daughter of Chasity and Robbie Setzer of Hickory 

1st Runner Up - Olivia Ellis, daughter of Lori and Eric Ellis of Claremont 

Junior Miss Reunion 2017 - Ava Sigmon, daughter of Traci Ly of Maiden 

Photogenic Queen - Maddie Ly, daughter of Traci and Dennis Ly of Maiden 

2nd Runner Up - Maddie Ly, daughter of Traci and Dennis Ly of Maiden 

1st Runner UP - Camdyn Lee, daughter of Julie and Scott Lee of Catawba 

Little Miss Reunion 2017 - Kylie McConnell, daughter of Tammy and David McConnell of Claremont 

Photogenic Queen - Ellie Smith, daughter of Avie and Anthony Smith of Hickory 

2nd Runner Up - Makenna Ross, daughter of Amy and Jeremy Ross of Newton 

1st Runner Up - EmmaGrace Wike, daughter of Ashley and Dillon Wike of Catawba 

Tiny Miss Reunion 2017 - Eliza Totty, daughter of Angela and Jim Totty of Hickory